about us

Shinth.com is one of the first online retailers and has been helping fashion-conscious women look gorgeous since 2009.

Our target consumers are the wholesalers who primarily focus on fast fashion apparel and are eager to attract fashion forward ladies. 

We always strive to be excitingly innovative and aim to offer our clientele fashion forward pieces that they long for. Most importantly, we guarantee our customer’s shopping safety so that they may freely shop without having to worry about their online security.

Personalized for you by you.

We believe in building clothing that lasts beyond its season, produced with quality eco-friendly fabrics. Our goal is to highlight environmental issues to our customers and empower them to care for our planet in style.

We’re not here to tell you what to wear. You have your own distinct style and we love that! We want you to have a hand in designing your wardrobe and customize your new favourite pieces so you’ll only buy what you truly desire.


Create your own clothing by selecting the neckline that suits you, choose sleeves that flatter your unique shape, or decide on the perfect length for you. We want you to love what you buy and wear for years to come!


The fashion industry is traditionally one of the most wasteful industries in the world. We decided to make a stand and minimize the environmental impact of production one piece of clothing at a time.

We operate on a made-to-order model which helps to keep unsold clothing out of the landfills. Once ordered, each piece is cut and sewn lovingly by our seamstresses. Any scraps of fabrics are kept for our future upcycling projects, so nothing is wasted.


We specially select sustainable materials and deadstock fabrics of the highest quality in a bid to reduce the environmental impact on the planet. These fabrics feel great against your skin and get softer with each wash.